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This week On The Avenue we’re celebrating the launch of ! Anna Groos, one of the very first members of the team here on Westwood Avenue, is now working as the Marketing Associate for Home Comfort Connection. I was SO excited when she reached out to us to talk about Westwood building their new website- We would get to make a beautiful site and I would get to work with a good friend. What could be better?

It was a joy to catch up with her and to learn more about where Anna is now calling home. Home Comfort Connection works with M&A Supply Company and York to provide some of the most innovative and reliable air conditioners and heating units to the folks of Tennessee and Alabama. She and Home Comfort Connection poured their heart and soul into this build and came out with a gorgeous, informative, easy to navigate website that we’re both so happy with.

So if any of you are feeling this summer heat, you know who to call! Check them out at and enjoy the awesome new site.

To Anna, thank you for coming back to us! We had a blast working with you and everyone on the Home Comfort Connection team.

To all of my readers, thanks again for visiting us again here On The Avenue and we’ll see you next week! Oh, and stay cool!

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