On The Avenue: Care Crisis For Adults with Autism

Today On The Avenue we want to talk about the care crisis for adults with autism. Up until the age of 21, individuals with disabilities are entitled to free public education under federal law. While receiving a public education, special education programs are offered for student who need them. Programs like these often include services like speech-language therapy, [...]

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On The Avenue: Temple Grandin

Today On The Avenue we want to introduce you to Temple Grandin. Temple is a professor of animal science, speaker, and author living with Autism. Both in her book, “The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum,” and in her Ted Talk which is featured below, Temple speaks on how autism has affected her life as she’s grown into one of the most well [...]

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On The Avenue: Hearing From Chipper Things

Today On The Avenue, we want to share a video from our guys at Woodard Brothers. Woodard Brothers is a shipping and fulfillment company with a mission to hire people with disabilities, and a  dedication to provided the best service possible to it’s clients. They provide their blended workforce, one made up of people with and without disabilities, with the [...]

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On The Avenue: No Edits. No Filter.

Today On The Avenue we want to introduce you to a new project that we are super excited about. The “No Edits. No Filter.” podcast is a simple, candid conversation with our employees here at Westwood Avenue & Woodard Bros.  We have noticed that when people with and without disabilities sit down and actually talk and share, we have more in common than [...]

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On The Avenue: Best Buddies Prom

Today On The Avenue we’re talking about the 2019 Best Buddies Prom. Held just a few weeks ago at our very own Bridgestone arena, the Best Buddies Prom brought together over 2,000 young adults with and without disabilities to have the night of their life. With the event centered around the idea of inclusion, it’s participants got to enjoy a night of singing [...]

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On The Avenue: UCLA PEERS Program

Today On The Avenue we want to shed some light on another program that we LOVE. For individuals on the spectrum, making and maintaining meaningful relationships with peers is often a huge challenge in their lives. While we at On The Avenue focus mostly on education meant to push work-based skills forward, and increased social skills are often a positive side effect [...]

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