On The Avenue: Happy 4th of July

This week On the Avenue we are gearing up to celebrate the 4th of July! One of our extremely talented employees, Cody Martin, demonstrated his amazing animation skills with his drawing of Downtown Nashville’s July 4th celebration. 4th of July in Nashville means a day of family fun, fireworks, and (of course) free live music! Downtown on Broadway will feature [...]

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On The Avenue: Meet Colin

  This week On The Avenue, I wanted to display some art that one of our Woodard guys created. Collin Ransom gave the Westwood Avenue and Woodard Bros logos a little make over with some watercolors and they look awesome! Collin is a creative soul with a big heart, and an even bigger smile. His mom and I tag teamed this week so that you all could get to know Collin [...]

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On The Avenue: Father’s Day

This week On The Avenue, we want to give a shout out to all of the dads out there. One of our writers here at Westwood, Lauren Barnes, wrote a piece recently that reminds us all what Father’s day is all about, so read below and give your dad a hug for us.     Kind Words “This essay is dedicated to the fathers in my life. My Papaw (who is my Mom’s Dad), my step [...]

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On The Avenue: Meet Erika

This week On The Avenue I’m going to introduce you to another member of our Westwood/Woodard team! Erika Attwater is quick witted, outspoken, and crazy good at what she does. She takes care of our finances here, which means that she gives us all our paychecks, which means that we all really like her. I sat down with her this week to see if we could all get to know her [...]

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