On The Avenue: Brenden Melton Wins Big

This week On The Avenue, I want to make another introduction. Brenden Melton is the influence behind all of the design here at Westwood, and on the heels of a national contest win, this week seemed to be the perfect time for you all to meet him. PRINT magazine selected Brenden as one of the top 48 American designers of 2017 in their Regional Design Awards, student [...]

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On The Avenue: Meet Matt

This week On The Avenue, I’ll be introducing you to Matt Stuhrenberg. From the moment Matt stepped into the building back in September his energy and excitement for everything he does has been absolutely contagious. We quickly discovered his passion for video and video editing and he’s been working under the very capable wing of Joel Wilson (our video wizard you met a [...]

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On The Avenue: Super Bowl 2018

This week On The Avenue, we’ve got the Super Bowl on our minds. With the Titans winning the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game against the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend, and moving on to play the New England Patriots in the AFC divisional round this weekend, there is a small (however tiny) glimmer of hope that our beloved Titans will see a Super Bowl for the first time in [...]

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On The Avenue: Meet Adam

This week On The Avenue, I’ll be introducing you to another member of the Westwood team, Adam Livingston. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ve likely read his name at least a time or two. Not only is he our extremely talented in-house photographer, but he is also our warehouse manager and does a lot of work with the folks at Woodard Bros. I would describe Adam as [...]

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