On The Avenue: The Boys Go Relief Printing

This week On The Avenue our resident designer, Brenden, took one of our Woodard guys, Alexander, over to Good Wood Printing to teach him the ins and outs of relief printing. They met up with some of Brenden’s old teachers and the owners of the shop, and the group set out to make 200 copies of a poster Brenden designed for the Salvation Army’s Rock The Red Kettle [...]

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On The Avenue: Feeding Under The Bridge

This week On The Avenue, our staff will once again be Feeding Under the Bridge along side the good folks at The Salvation Army Nashville. Every Friday Salvation Army takes their trusty canteen down to the Jefferson Street Bridge with a group of volunteers to serve food to the Nashville homeless population. We have volunteered to go with them once a month and so far, [...]

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On The Avenue: Meet Woodard Bros

Last week you saw that we worked with Woodard Bros to pack the backpacks that were sent to HCA emergency responders in Houston. “Who is Woodard Bros?” you might ask. Lucky you, this week On The Avenue I’ll be introducing you to them. We actually share our office space with Woodard Bros, which is a Distribution company, specializing in storage, fulfillment, [...]

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On The Avenue: Hurricane Harvey Relief

This week On The Avenue, we teamed up with Woodard Bros (The awesome fulfillment and distributing company with whom we share our office) to pack over 1,500 HCA backpacks with supplies to aid the people in Houston who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Harvey hit Houston last week and left destruction and loss in its wake. While the people of Houston begin the [...]

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On The Avenue: Shooting Darth Vader

This week On The Avenue, we had a photo-shoot with one of the most infamous characters to ever live… Darth Vader. Our in house Jedi photographer, Adam, used this shoot as a teaching moment for one of our Woodard Padawans, Alexander, to train him in the ways of the FORCE…of photography, that is. Using a Darth Vader action figure, the two set out to “Embrace the Dark [...]

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